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(Reconstituted stone, or dry cast)

FormStone™ by Melgrand® is a carefully controlled mixture of washed river sand, cement, fines and polymers which is mixed with a limited amount of water until it achieves a damp malleable state and can be compressed either by hand compaction or by a small mechanical ram-tool. Every element is hand fashioned by experienced craft workers.


Quarried stone look and feel with grain texture, no need to paint. Colour and texture are inherent in this process. High mpa scores and low permeability add up to a material superior in almost every respect to Heritage quarried sandstone.

After an initial curing period of around 12 hours the FormStone™ element is removed from the mould and kept in a humid environment for at least 24 hours. Full curing is not achieved until 28 days at which point the element is carefully packed for delivery.

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